Women Journalists in Finland

Women Journalists in Finland – in Finnish, Naistoimittajat ry – is an active association for women working in the broad field of journalism. Women Journalists in Finland is not a trade union, though union membership of one is a condition for joining the association.

Launched in 1946 to unite women who earn their living in the media, Women Journalists in Finland is one of the oldest journalists’ associations in the country. Today it brings together women from all forms of journalism, from daily newspapers and professional publications to news agencies and broadcasting companies.

The association’s prime interests are influencing public opinion and providing professional training in all branches of journalism as well as recreation to its members.

  • The association arranges public seminars in order to spark social debate, particularly on issues concerning women, equality and the future of journalism. The association invites top officials and politicians to take part in background discussions on topical issues.
  • Once a year, the Women Journalists elect a Torch Bearer of the Year, a person with a message, who, through his or her independent activity, has raised awareness and stimulated debate on a current social issue which has not otherwise received the attention of the public.
  • Training ranges from exercises in creative writing and women’s wellbeing at work to studies of the European Union from a woman’s point of view.
  • The association also had a foreign ministry funded project in Afghanistan called Learning Together during years 2015–2017. The project focused on training women journalists there, and it was held in cooperation with AWJU, Afghan Women Journalist Union.
  • The recreational side consists of get-togethers, visits to the theatre, cultural events, study trips and excursions to meet colleagues, both at home and abroad.